Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spitting Nails

Dear University of Chicago Real Estate Ops/Our Maintenance guy,

WTF is up with listing an "emergency" phone number if no one answers that line and there's no option to leave a message? I am seriously irritated at your lack of well, functionality in the case of an emergency. Get with the program people.



So here's what happened:

At around 9:30 tonight our internet went out. So I got on the phone with The Devil (Comcast) but while I was on hold I noticed that none of the lights on our modem or wireless router were lit. So I unplugged them and tried to plug something else into the outlet: no dice so at that point I knew the problem was with the outlet. That meant that I avoided having to speak to The Devil for now, as we were able to plug our modem & router into another functioning outlet via extension cord.

Fast forward about 10 minutes when I went into the kitchen to start putting away the leftovers from our ridiculously late dinner (damn you Betty Crocker! That's the LAST time I listen to your cracked out cooking times!). I bagged up all the roasted potatoes and opened the fridge door to throw them in, but the fridge light wasn't on. Then I noticed that the microwave was off. And that the oven clock had gone out as well. After re-setting the outlets (via the little re-set button thingy) I hoped the problem was fixed. Nope, no such luck. About 2 minutes later they all were off again. We called our maintenance guy several times and got no response but left a couple of messages. Next, we called the "Emergency Hotline" thinking that well, losing $300 worth of groceries we just purchased YESTERDAY was kind of an emergency. Nope, not even a voicemail there. It just rang, and rang, and rang. Awesome. Luckily we have a couple of awesome friends who let us stash our super perishables (meat, cheese) in their freezers and I ran to the grocery store to buy 30 lbs of ice to pack into ziplock bags and toss in the freezer and fridge with our frozen (& refrigerated) veggies. We'll see how long the ice lasts. Our apartment is usually about 10 degrees warmer at night than it is during the day so I'm not sure how much time we've got before we have to cook everything (which would seriously take hours...we bought A LOT of stuff at Costco yesterday).


*Update* At about 7:30 this morning the maintenance guy came over and discovered that the problem was with the main outlet in our kitchen (the outlet with the re-set button/breaker thing). He replaced it in it seems to be working just fine now. I checked the freezer at around 11:45 and all our bags of ice were still frozen and it seemed pretty cold so I think the bags of ice last night worked all right and it's rapidly cooling down. I don't think we'll lose any of the food in it, but I am very glad that we took all of the meat over to a friends to make sure it stayed frozen overnight.

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