Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Earth To..."

Dear Earth,

Today we celebrate you and all your greeny-bluey goodness. Thanks for being composed of 80% water that is undrinkable but full of delicious and interesting sea life. I appreciate the land masses such as the lovely one I currently inhabit, although I do regret that a significant amount of your trees have been lopped down to make paper plates and cups and those little sleeves that keep your hand from burning when you buy a hot coffee. I don't really have a place where I can plant a tree for you today but I am just letting you know that I've pledged and paid $$ to several organizations that will plant trees for me. I'm sorry your air is getting clogged with exhaust and pollution, and while I know it's not entirely my fault, I'm really sorry that your climate is getting warmer. I hate being too hot because there's only so much clothing one can remove before one is considered indecent -- and in your case, the only things you have to "take off" are people and animals and no one really wants that to happen. I hope that we, the people of the world, can work together to improve your oceans, lands, forests, & air quality and in doing that improve our own quality of life.

I heart the Earth.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Every party has a pooper

So after throwing myself a little pity party last night I woke up this morning and decided to stop whining and start doing. I went grocery shopping with the husband and bought a whole bunch of delicious fresh produce (fava beans, grapefruit, apples, asparagus, white mushrooms, sweet potatoes, carrots...yum!) and we planned a menu for the week. I went to the gym with my workout group and ran hard on the treadmill and then did some ab work. So I'm feeling better about the weight/health issue.

The weather is still sucky but I can't change that. My friends are all still students but I'm going to try to meet up with at least two of them each week be it for a quick cup of coffee or a shopping trip. I'm still going to be spending my days alone but I think I'm going to try to venture into the community a little more, find some actual volunteer work (screw you, Field Museum!) and hopefully things will perk up.

So today I say hooray for party poopers, especially when they're pooping self-pity parties. :)

Lamentations of a Torpid Blogger

Dear blog,

Apparently I am the world's worst blogger. I don't even think I deserve to win the world's worst blog award...I'm that bad at blogging. It's not that I haven't wanted to blog, or that I haven't had anything blogworthy, I've just been horribly, incredibly lazy. Every time I've had something I could blog about I've ended up with a hundred equally terrible but at the time compelling reasons why I can't do it now or should wait until later. It's not really a good excuse, but there it is.

Why, after such a long time am I now breaking the blog-silence?

Because I'm annoyed. And kind of sad. I'm mostly annoyed with myself but I'm bugged about a lot of other little things too:

I'm bugged that Chicago weather has been so unpredictable this spring. One day it's 75 degrees and beautiful, the next it's 42 and snowing. I realized when we moved here that we were moving to one of the few places in this country that is colder than Utah, but I thought that maybe we could avoid the spring weather roller coaster by leaving the Beehive State. Not so much. Instead my joints hurt and my hair and skin are a mess from the constantly changing temps and humidity levels.

I love my friends here, but I'm annoyed that I don't have any who aren't students. I have so much spare time on my hands it's not even funny but everyone I want to spend it with is either studying or trying to catch up on sleep.

I'm annoyed that I haven't found anything constructive to do with my days except sit home alone baking and making cards. While those are two things I find enjoyable, I really, really, really miss being around people and I am growing tired of spending my days by myself. And it's not as though I haven't tried to find more constructive ways to spend my time. Last month after attending the Member's Night at the Field Museum I was SO EXCITED to sign up to volunteer there but it's now been a month since I submitted my application and I haven't gotten any responses to my inquiries as to the status of my application. What once seemed a really exciting way to spend my last few months before I start my Master's program now seems like just another rejection.

I'm bugged that somehow between Wednesday evening and this morning, with no change in diet or habits, that I've managed to gain 8 lbs...I mean, what. the. f*ck. is. up. with. that? How does that even happen? I thought going to the gym 5 days a week and killing myself in this boot camp class was supposed to make the numbers on the freaking scale go down!?!? I keep trying to figure out how this happened. Maybe the scale was wrong today. Perhaps it was wrong on Wednesday. It's also entirely possible that I'm dehydrated and retaining water. I really don't know and all I want to do is curl up in my bed in my fattest pjs with a soft, homemade cookie and a cup of hot cocoa with fresh marshmallows.

And lastly and probably most importantly I'm annoyed that instead of doing something about all of these little annoyances, I am just whining about them on my blog. To make matters worse, I'm whining on my blog after a weekend full of tons of fun things I could be blogging about instead (Vagina Monologues, a cupcake quest, the best manicure I've had in a long time, a great night out with friends).

Gah. I'm not sure what I need right now but I need it STAT. This is shaping up to be a really long week.