Sunday, May 10, 2009

Round 2: FIGHT!

Dear ivory duvet cover that I love so much,

Please learn how to be blood* resistant.


*Not that kind of blood...ew. It's the husband's blood actually. He's got a sizeable cut on his knee that keeps ripping open and twice now this week he's knelt on the bed gotten blood drops on the duvet (he never thinks use bandaids). On Friday night, the first time it happened, we were just getting in bed after a long night and I was super annoyed that I had to peel the duvet off the comforter, spray it with Spray-n-Wash & wash it before going to bed so the stain wouldn't set. This time he's all upset with himself and all I can do is laugh. We literally just put it back on the bed last night. My husband is hilarious.

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