Sunday, March 21, 2010

To my best frenemy

Dear Graduate School,

I really wanted to be friends. I practically begged for your friendship in my application and you accepted my pleas and my pledge of sisterhood. Or so I thought. In recent months, I've started to feel like you don't really care about me anymore. Like you never cared about me. Like all you wanted from me was my money, my time, my health, and my sanity. And I gave them to you...all of them, and what have I gotten in return? Ulcers, migraines, 10 lbs of stress weight, and all for what? A piece of paper? A bit of prestige? Tell that to my student loan debt, bitch.

As of this moment, graduate school, you and me? We are not friends. Not. Friends. At. All. But I want you to know that you can stress me out, take my money, pile the pounds on me, pilfer my time, and suck out my soul but I will vanquish you in the end. You'd better start running because I will hunt you down and kick your ass from here to Thursday.

Love and kisses,

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